Demand and Supply and Marketing

June 30th, 2015 — 02:53 am
Supply and Demand and Marketing Darrin F. Coe, MA 11/30/04 According to Dough McCormick, Chariman and CEO of iVillage, Inc, ―Technologists focus on supply but they don’t understand advertising is focused on demand. Just because we have an available ad doesn’t mean we have to sell it.” What in the world does that mean? It means not every product online is going to sell. Online retailers and marketers are not going to succeed just because they are online. Marketing is about ...
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Is spam affecting your business email?

June 29th, 2015 — 02:46 am
5 Ways Spam Is Affecting Your Business And what we can all do to prevent it. If you had only just got online, and received your first few emails, you may be forgiven for thinking you had hit paydirt. You would already have heard how you won millions on a foreign lottery, then some benevolent foreigner wants to give you more millions because a relative has died and he needs help to get his inheritance, and you’re someone he can trust. And as luck would have it, those personal body parts you ...
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Smart advertisement techniques for your online business!

June 28th, 2015 — 02:48 am
Introduction - The purpose of this article is to freely inform about advertisement techniques to anyone wishing to learn more about this subject. The ideas or comments that you read here may help you understand advertisement strategies better and acquire more knowledge about this topic. Remember that ―the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, so any new piece of information that you find, may become a step further toward your overall understanding of an specific subject. ...
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Scam And Scheme Free Advertising For Your Business Web Site

June 27th, 2015 — 02:41 am
Since I own my own business web site and have looked for many ways to advertise cheap and for free, I have noticed how many sites there are out there that will try to get you to either join or buy advertising in one form or another. There are sites out there that will promise you the moon if you either join their ―viral marketing” scheme or site that will cause your email box to become inundated with email ads from others who have fell for this. But there are plenty of offline and ...
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Internet Business - How to Make Real Money

June 26th, 2015 — 02:46 am
We all are in search of the silver bullet that will put our business on autopilot and the only thing we have to do is to cash the checks. Aren’t you looking for this as well? Isn’t this the reason why you’re actually reading all these articles, including this one? You’re hoping to find the one tool, the surefire method, the hidden trick or the magic system that will make your dreams come true. Once again I have to disappoint you. There is no such thing as a silver bullet that will ...
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Do You Know The Common Direct Marketing Measurements

June 25th, 2015 — 02:57 am
John Wanamaker, a 19th century entrepreneur, once famously made the statement, ―I know that half of my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” Fortunately for today’s marketers, there are scientific ways to determine which half is wasted, and which half is not, through the use of common direct marketing measurements. Advertising is, and has always been, part art and part science. With direct marketing, the science part takes center stage as there are common direct ...
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Article Marketing

June 24th, 2015 — 02:49 am
A revolutionary marketing device that I call article marketing I now will share with you. Now the sole question is can article marketing me? That depends on if you are looking to build pr, increase your inbound links, and boost your traffic. If you answered yes to any of the above questions then continue to read, and learn the tricks of the trade. Before you begin to write your first article, you should ask yourself why I would use articles to market my website, in opposition to other methods. ...
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Careers In The Advertising Business Internet Marketing Style

June 23rd, 2015 — 02:51 am
So you are interested in seeking a job with an advertising business Internet marketing firm? The first step would be to gain enough knowledge in marketing theory and practical applications. A four-year college degree is helpful but those without a college degree can still land a job with a top firm if they have enough real-world experience. You must have a genuine love for advertising to be successful. Often the initial salaries are small and job turnover is high. But with a ...
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Does Your Advertising Make You the Obvious Choice to Do Business

June 22nd, 2015 — 02:43 am
There is a concept in business that we marketers call the confidence gap. The confidence gap is defined as a potential customers inability to determine whether the products or services of a given company are any better, different, or worse than the competition’s. The confidence gap exists in every imaginable industry and in most cases the gap is growing wider all of the time. Case in point: go to the yellow pages and look under the roofing section (or any section for that matter) and see ...
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Where Would You Be Without Marketing?

June 21st, 2015 — 03:27 am
Marketing is a broad business subject that encompasses a range of activities including advertising, public relations, sales, and promotions. Generally, you will find that people often confuse sales with marketing, when in fact the two are quite different. Marketing is all about getting a product or service into the market, promoting it, influencing behavior, and encouraging sales turnover. Sales, quite distinctly, is the actual transaction of getting a product or service into the hands of your ...
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